How To

How to take care of your roses  

1. As soon as you receive the roses, place all the bunches in buckets with cool and fresh water

(leave the cardboard around the buds) for at least 1 hour before using the roses (roses need time

to hydrate).

2. Store your flowers in a cool place; away from sunlight or other heat sources (never use freezers,

or home refrigerators) while the roses are hydrating.

3. Once you are ready to arrange your roses, open the cardboard (around the buds) and cut the

stems of the roses diagonally, at least 1 inch, with a sharp knife. (Do not let the cut edge dry up

before placing the rose into the container with water).

4.  Always use a clean vase.

5.  Always use cool, clean, and fresh water to fill the vase.

6. *Dissolve the “Flower Food” powder, included in the box, in the water (please follow

instructions on the back of the flower food package). *NOTE:  Flower Food is included

only on certain products – as indicated on product description

7. Remove all the leaves that are below the water level; this will help to reduce the build

up of bacteria.  (Leaves left underwater will rot and bacteria will build up, shortening the

life of the roses).

8. Remove the outside petals (if you want).

9. It is recommended to change the water of the vase and to cut the stems once every two


10. Keep your roses away from sunlight or other heat sources; the cooler the

temperature, the slower the roses will open.



Cardboard Removal Instructions for MR Roses Bouquets (dozen and six roses bqts):

To protect the roses during transportation, we wrap them with a corrugated cardboard.

Once you have hydrated the roses and are ready to be used; you must remove the corrugated cardboard that comes along the buds.


To remove the corrugated cardboard:

Step # 1:








Pull cardboard up firmly

(If the cardboard is too tight please remove the staples and open it)


Step # 2: 








Slide over rose buds


Step # 3: 








Remove cardboard and dispose


How to take care of your rose petals

1) We pack our fresh petals in cellophane perforated bags (to avoid condensation); each bag comes with 500 petals.

2) As soon as you receive the PETALS, you should avoid moisture and freezing temperatures.

3) Carefully open one end of the bag, if you see that condensation has formed fold a paper towel in half and slide it inside the bag between the bag and the rose petals, the paper towel will catch any condensation.

4) We do recommend storing the fresh rose petals in a refrigerator; however, do not put your fresh rose petals in a refrigerator that freezes, since fresh rose petals would dry out.  If this starts to happen, remove them from the refrigerator and store them in a cool spot out of sunlight and away from heaters.