1,000 Fresh Rose Petals
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* Red roses have a higher price during Valentine's season

Order 1,000 Fresh Rose Petals 1,000 Fresh Rose Petals @ $114.99
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This product consists of 1,000 fresh petals from Ecuadorian Roses of the highest quality available on the market today.  Our box of rose petals can be used to decorate extravagant settings, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, or other special events. We ship fresh petals that are ready to be used. Choose up to 2 colors for this product.

Ordering Information:

  • Petals come in small bags of 500 each
  • You must choose up to 2 colors for this product. (See below)
  • You may repeat the same color.

Shipping is Included in the Continental USA! (Tuesday – Friday)

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